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The Enduring Beauty of Porcelain Teapot Sets

A beautiful porcelain teapot set is a classic addition to your home. The history of the teapot is ancient and fascinating. First made in China hundreds of years ago, tea for the teapot was originally ground very finely (much like coffee today), then boiled in a porcelain cauldron. It would then be stirred with a […]

Children’s Tea Parties

For generations girls have grown up participating in or having Tea Parties. They see their Moms and Grandmas with beautiful tea sets of Bone China and Porcelain  and aspire to have the same.  Usually, the tea sets they wish to play with are not exactly ‘play’ sets. So, a good idea will be to purchase […]

Recipes for Scones

Scones originated in medieval Great Britain and were baked on cast-iron skillets. Although a product of the United Kingdom, the word “scone” derived from the German word, “schonbrot,” meaning “beautiful bread.” Language experts also suggest the “scone” may have come from the Gaelic word, “sgonn,” which translates into “large mouthful.” Oats and barley were the […]

Teapots and Tea Sets; Great Gifts for Special Occasions

There are gifts and then there are great gifts and nothing is better than a gift teapot set. Teapot gifts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, not to mention the many accessories to the tea set. They are also made from a variety of different materials giving teapot lovers choices when it comes to […]

Uses and Varieties of Russian Porcelain Tea Ware

When decorating, one will often find it difficult to keep a certain level of class for their home. Even when allowing for an eclectic design, finding complementary items which can look natural, add elegance to a room, and still remain functional will often end up as a surprisingly difficult task. Even more surprisingly given the […]

China Tea Sets for Children of All Ages

Children's tea set

Tea parties are something that every little girl has either had or attended at least once during their childhood. It is a tradition that seems to stand the test of time. Having tea parties is a great way for children to learn by using their imagination. These parties also teach social skills and manners, all […]

Craft Christmas Memories with Lenox Ornaments

A Christmas tree is the first holiday item people notice when walking into a  home during the holidays. Lenox Christmas ornaments have been part of Christmas traditions for decades and people have treasured them to the point that the ornaments become family heirlooms. Lenox Christmas ornaments are the perfect addition to Christmas decoration collections because of […]

Popular Types of Tea Sets

Drinking tea is a tradition that goes back thousands of years across many different cultures. Many people today still enjoy having tea. Just as important as selecting tea itself is the selection of what to use to serve tea. Read on to find out about some of the most popular types of teapot and cup […]

Get Mom a Christmas Cookie Jar!

Children get excited and know that their favorite time of year is just around the corner when Mom gets out her collection of Christmas Cookie Jars. Children love to hear the stories that surround each jar. Like great grandma’s cookie jar with the beautiful green holly and red berries painted onto it with 24 karat […]

Teapot Gift Ideas

Teapots, tea sets and accessories are great gift ideas for any holiday. If you haven’t started planning your Christmas gift list, now’s the time to begin compiling it.  Since flowers are such a popular gift, surprise her with a holiday floral teapot from our Christmas Shoppe.  Or any one of our many traditional floral or chintz bone china and porcelain teapots make […]

What are Chintz Teapots?

Chintz Teapots A Chintz teapot is a wonderful way to bring your garden into your home. Many lovers of country living adore this pattern of teapots. Chintz is actually a small repeating pattern usually of flowers covering a teapot and other pieces of tea ware. Many different manufacturers produce these lovely teapots and tea ware […]

Putting On Our Pink Ribbons

Helping Fight Breast Cancer with A Pink Ribbon The Teapot Shoppe is pleased to be able to add the Pink Ribbon logo to their store.  Starting in March a portion of all sales will be donated towards the Fight Against Breast Cancer. There are so many different areas that the Breast Cancer Charities of America assist […]