Reutter Porcelain Tea Sets for Children

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The Teapot Shoppe is proud to be a Reutter Porcelain Blue-Ribbon Retailer. A select retailer based on product selection and sales. Our Collection of Reutter Fine Porcelain Children’s Tea Sets offers some of the most elegant and treasured sets you can give to your little one. Most of these sets are from timeless stories, like Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter™, Flower Fairies™ and a recent addition of Alice in Wonderland.

Reutter Porcelain was establish by Barbara Elster, the company was founded with the ideas to only offer the highest quality of dollhouse and miniatures collections. Reutter Children’s line is made in Germany of the highest quality of porcelain with impressive artwork, not to mention the storage units, each unit designed to match and accent each tea set.

The Teapot Shoppe is extremely excited to be able to offer our clients these Porcelain Children’s Tea Sets that will become part of your child’s precious memories and a treasure to keep for generations.