Ceramic Tea Pots and Tea Tower Teapots

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Ceramic Teapots and Tea Towers of every kind are available now at The Teapot Shoppe. What are tea towers? Tea towers are wonderful stacking teapots and cups, similar to tea for one pots except usually they are for two. These modern teapots include cups that stack neatly on top of the teapot and usually include stacking cream and sugar sets. Tea towers make a unique gift for newly weds. Plus, you will love our wide variety of charming ceramic tea pots, from decorative to whimsical. Most of these are hand-painted raised ceramic and are bright and cheerful additions to your home. You can find even more ceramic teapots in our collection of Kaldun and Bogle, featuring unique and beautifully designed teapots and tea ware . For an even wider variety of adorable whimsical teapots browse through our Whimsical Teapot section which also includes porcelain tea pots. Our designer ceramic selection also makes delightful tea party favors for your next gathering! Use the matching mugs for a mother-daughter tea party… give teapots to moms and mugs to the daughters. Your next afternoon tea can be a special event with one of these unique teapots.