Spring is in the Air! A Season of Sunshine, Flowers, and Teapots!

Spring is in the air! A season of sunshine, flowers, and, of course, teapots!

Your little princess’ ideal spring day most likely involves being the hostess to her very own Spring Tea Party. An annual seasonal event where she can invite her real friends, imaginary friends, or both! After all, it is a time of celebration!

Moms, let us prepare. First, it is time to break out the picnic quilt. Second, dust off the wicker basket tucked away in the attic. Next? Make sure your cupboard is filled with an array of teapots to fit any occasion.

Now you need to consider who will be the tea party guests. Imaginary? Our Whimsical Teapots are perfect for your daughter’s limitless imaginary guests. Real friends? Let us prepare for something durable and practical, but with still a touch of “class” with our Cast Iron Teapots. Is this a mother-daughter only event? Get her China Teapots that match yours from childhood! No matter who is invited to your party, we have a teapot just for you!

The tea party planning has been completed. You know who will be attending and have selected the best teapot for the occasion. You can now begin scheduling your mother-daughter road trips to nearby parks to look for the perfect location. How do you know it’s the right location? Find a place where there is both sun and shade. Where flowers grow and children play. A place where reality ends, and imaginary begins.