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Spring is in the Air! A Season of Sunshine, Flowers, and Teapots!

Spring is in the air! A season of sunshine, flowers, and, of course, teapots! Your little princess’ ideal spring day most likely involves being the hostess to her very own Spring Tea Party. An annual seasonal event where she can invite her real friends, imaginary friends, or both! After all, it is a time of celebration! […]

Teapots Versus Coffee Cups

When you think of coffee cups what do you think of? You’re favorite work mug? The one your friend posted on Instagram last Sunday? The funny quote it read? While all of those sound entertaining, nothing memorable really comes to mind when I glance at my coworkers coffee cup other than, “I bet she didn’t […]

New Teapots for 2017 are now available in our online shop

If you are looking for the newest and best Teapots available on the market today, at great prices with free shipping, look no further than the Teapot Shoppe!  We have some fantastic new additions for 2017 we know you are going to love.   First, we invite you to look at this Gold Lace Porcelain […]