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The Enduring Beauty of Porcelain Teapot Sets

A beautiful porcelain teapot set is a classic addition to your home. The history of the teapot is ancient and fascinating. First made in China hundreds of years ago, tea for the teapot was originally ground very finely (much like coffee today), then boiled in a porcelain cauldron. It would then be stirred with a […]

Teapots and Tea Sets; Great Gifts for Special Occasions

There are gifts and then there are great gifts and nothing is better than a gift teapot set. Teapot gifts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, not to mention the many accessories to the tea set. They are also made from a variety of different materials giving teapot lovers choices when it comes to […]

China Tea Sets for Children of All Ages

Children's tea set

Tea parties are something that every little girl has either had or attended at least once during their childhood. It is a tradition that seems to stand the test of time. Having tea parties is a great way for children to learn by using their imagination. These parties also teach social skills and manners, all […]

Popular Types of Tea Sets

Drinking tea is a tradition that goes back thousands of years across many different cultures. Many people today still enjoy having tea. Just as important as selecting tea itself is the selection of what to use to serve tea. Read on to find out about some of the most popular types of teapot and cup […]