The Enduring Beauty of Porcelain Teapot Sets

A beautiful porcelain teapot set is a classic addition to your home. The history of the teapot is ancient and fascinating. First made in China hundreds of years ago, tea for the teapot was originally ground very finely (much like coffee today), then boiled in a porcelain cauldron. It would then be stirred with a long brush and drunk directly from the spout. Tea was believed to be an elixir of longevity, passion and good health. Called “The Fountain of Youth”; today we know that tea truly is an asset to good health, providing valuable antioxidants to the drinker. Whether it is drunk alone or as an accompaniment to snacks or foods, as in the traditional English “teatime”, preparing tea is a beautiful and satisfying tradition. Today, the art of preparing tea in an attractive teapot set is an enduring ritual beloved by people and cultures all over the world.

The tradition of serving tea, although thousands of years old, has been adapted to modern sensibilities while preserving the traditions of antiquity. Classic English pots and sets are readily available, with additions such as eggcups, multiple saucers, and milk and sugar sets. More simple variations of the fancy tea collection might be a modest set for two people, with the basic necessities.

Porcelain, derived from the old Italian word “Porcellana” or “cowrie shell”, is named as such for its beautiful sheen and likeness to a polished seashell. Porcelain teapot sets are valued highly for both their aesthetic quality and lasting value. Porcelain teapot sets are often created by firing the pieces in relatively low temperatures in a kiln. They are then glazed with glossy-quality materials and fired again at higher temperatures. This careful process creates the admired translucent quality that porcelain is so famous for. Contrary to the popular belief that porcelain is delicate and easily broken — to quote the vernacular, “china doll” or “delicate as porcelain”, anyone who owns a porcelain teapot set will attest to its extreme durability. These sets are not only beautiful to look at, and of convenient design, but are truly built to last.

Porcelain teapot sets are a stunning collector’s item. Today’s kitchen market is flooded with cheap wares that will not survive much use in the kitchen. If you choose a classic porcelain teapot set, you can be assured that it is a valuable collection which you can treasure for years to come.