The Teapot Shoppe offers a large variety of cast iron teapots in a selection of shapes, sizes, and colors. The Japanese Tesutbin Teapot is considered by many to be the best teapot by far for brewing tea. Traditional Cast Iron Teapots are so popular because they can keep tea warm for close to an hour. These teapots are also the perfect choice for brewing teas that require a longer steeping time, such as green or black teas. The enamel lining on the inside is an added plus for preventing oxidation of the iron. Enamel is one of the more stable substances you can have in a cooking vessel. The majority of our cast iron tea kettles include a mesh infuser for easy tea brewing along with a matching trivet for your table. Cast iron teapots are both functional and beautiful at the same time and are always ready on your stovetop to make the perfect cup of tea. So put the pot on the stove and get ready to enjoy a cup!