The American Pottery Collection from The Teapot Shoppe features tea accessories, tea sets and teapots made in the USA. If you are looking for an authentic artist handmade tea pot be sure to browse through our selection of Americana rustic offerings. Our well-rounded pottery collection offers not only lead free tea pots, but dinner plates, pitchers, apple bakers, pie plates, and more. The classical country charm of these pieces is truly reminiscent of an earlier era. Choose from these nature inspired designs of perky poppies, romantic irises, soothing lavender, and other flowers along with pine cones, berries, fruits, or dragonflies. If it says country living, then it’s in our American Pottery Collection. Every pattern is a series of carefully planned strokes painted on each piece. Truly handcrafted masterpieces, there are no templates or stencils used to produce the beautiful designs. The patterns are practiced and committed to memory by each artist as they are painted over and over again. Some variations may occur, which adds to the originality of the product as they are alike and yet different, like the flowers in the field. The colors of these beautiful hand crafted tea pots are nature inspired with shades of reds, browns, greens, and blues on a soft, rustic cream colored background. The simple lines of the collection will blend well into your Country Cottage. If you’re seeking a complete tea service, there are also several tea sets for two, including a serving tray, creamers, and sugar bowls to choose from. Start your baby’s first solid foods in style on a hand decorated set of pottery dinnerware with a whimsical gold fish decorated plate, cup, and bowl. All items in this Teapot Shoppe American Pottery collection are completely microwave and dishwasher safe, lead free and ovenproof, and made in the USA.

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