Cakestands and Tiered Dessert Stands

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Cake Stands are the hottest trend for displaying a variety of sweet treats including tarts, wedding cakes, donuts and individually decorated cupcakes. Single tiered, 2-tiered and 3-tiered cake stands are delightful for a dessert buffet or as the centerpiece for guest tables at a reception. Our 3 Tiered Server is one of our most popular items for serving desserts and appetizers. Add a variety of heights and shapes to your table scape by using pedestal cake plates in various shapes. Popular shapes include round, square, and hexagon. Martha Stewart featured a white pedestal cake stand on the cover of her Living Magazine so be assured they are trendy. With the cupcake craze in full swing around the country, a tiered cake stand is the perfect way to display a special cupcake dessert.