Tea Party Dolls and Chef’s Sets and More

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Any one of our selection of rag dolls or collectible dolls will be a delightful addition to a little girl’s tea party. They are sure to absolutely fall in love with one of our fun, adorable rag dolls. The lovable, smiling Apple-Dumplin’s with their colorful outfits, hair bows, and jaunty pigtails will soon become your little girl’s new best friends. They are all ready to join the fun and are well mannered enough to be invited to any tea gathering. For a more Victorian Tea Party, be sure to send invitations to our classical Madame Alexander dolls. From fairy tales to holidays, they are the perfect guests to be served tea from one of our special tea sets for children. The Teapot Shoppe also offers personalized porcelain dolls that will bring their own matching teddy bear friends with them. All ribbons and curls, they are sure to be a favorite treasured keepsake for years. To start your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or favorite child on their way to being the perfect cook add a cute little chef’s set complete with apron and pot holders. These necessary accessories are available in girl’s very favorite colors. There are also a few special surprises here for children! Check out the cute desert plates, a definite must for treats, and our perfect size