Teapots Versus Coffee Cups

When you think of coffee cups what do you think of? You’re favorite work mug? The one your friend posted on Instagram last Sunday? The funny quote it read? While all of those sound entertaining, nothing memorable really comes to mind when I glance at my coworkers coffee cup other than, “I bet she didn’t find that Cinnamon Swirl flavor I just brought in last week.”

Now, when you think of teapots, what do you think of? The intricate artwork on your grandmother’s teapots that she proudly displayed in her dining area? Or the way they add a sense of class, formality and tradition to any atmosphere?

Don’t let the title of this blog fool you, there will be no definitive answer on whether teapots are better than coffee cups. Rather, this blog simply serves to conclude on the very different purposes they serve. Coffee cups are office commodities, a display of personality that divides you and Roger in accounting (who by the way drinks from a stark white work-provided coffee mug).

Teapots, in contrast, are a commodity of the home. A representation of beauty, formality, and class. A symbol of tradition that anyone is sure to appreciate. A display of sophistication that not only holds your drink of choice, but enhances it.

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