The Teapot Shoppe has a nice selection in our Glass Teapot shop. A clear teapot allows you to watch the color differences appear depending on the variety of teas you use in your teapot. Blooming tea is available as suggested gifts in a set so you can also watch the tea unfold into the exquisite flower colors. There are several different types of glass teapots to choose from, a glass teapot with infuser, a teapot set with a warmer, or a removable strainer. A teapot warmer and tea infuser are available separately. No other tea steeper allows your different senses to be engulfed in the tea ceremony with not only the marvelous aromas of a brewing tea, but also the beauty of the tea itself as it deepens and grows flavor-fully rich in the pot. All of our different glass teapots are favorites among our customers with charming pink glass handles and finals, including some lovely handcrafted rose finals on several choices. All of our glass teapots are made of strong heat resistant glass and several have drip proof spouts to make tea service flawless. Most are top shelf dishwasher and microwave safe, others are hand washed suggested. They can be used with an infuser, included with many for either loose leaf or flowering tea brewing. The Rosy Glass Teapot makes a very one of a kind present for the tea lover in your life that they will treasure for years to come. It comes beautifully packaged with a festive red ribbon that says “Open Me to see a great gift”. Also beautifully packaged is a Flowering Tea Gift Set and Teapot. This gift set includes four Flowering Teas and a beautiful clear glass teapot with the adorable pink glass handle and final accents. Glass teapots are truly the essence of simplistic elegance.