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Collectible Teapots from the popular variety found in our homes to one-of-a-kind collectible tea pots on display at museums, are becoming an exciting and growing facet to the life-long collector. The collectible teapot offers not only beauty and decorative appeal, as in the James Sadler line, but functionality as well. Evident in the gradual popularity of teapots among retailers, you can barely walk thru the home section of a store without seeing teapots here and there in functional, collectible and everything in between. Tea and tea accessories have become symbolic of life in a simpler time. Novelty teapots are created to reflect the desire for humor and imagination proven in the ceramic character teapots of Garfield, Chester the Cat, and Betty Boop. Others reflect home-life such as Cardew’s Kitchen Sink, Computer Desk, and Morning Coffee collectible teapot series. The ladies of the Red Hat Society add humor and whimsey with their teapot collections by Paul Cardew. More and more teapots are being purchased either to start collections or to be passed on as family heirlooms. During wartime, teapot manufacturers have historically curtailed production, only to revive it again in post wartime, symbolizing the return to happier times. The 20s and 30s saw tea pots reminiscent of the art deco movement. Sadler collectible teapots appeared in 1939 in car and airplane shapes and the 50s brought cottages, seaside, and animal teapots. The 70s brought Staffordshire and Paul Cardew, continuing today with extremely high-end collectible teapots in varieties reflecting every style imaginable. They can also reflect historical occasions, holidays, and a multitude of characters. Whether you desire a functional teapot for enjoying tea with friends, or a collectible teapot for decorative display, we carry a wide variety of both and we hope you enjoy browsing thru our catalog.
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