Your Tea Time Questions Answered

As a leader in the teapot industry for several years now, we feel the need to compile a list of commonly asked questions from our customers.

How do I care for my teapot?

  • Clean your tea ware with mild soap and warm water, using care if the pot has gold or platinum trim.
  • For cleaning tea stains, use a small amount of baking soda to gently rub away the stain.
  • Always pre-warm with warm tap water before pouring hot tea into the teapot to preventing cracking.  And, never place bone china or porcelain tea ware on a stove top.

With so many products to choose from, how do I make a decision when buying for a gift?

  • If the gift is to be used as a decorative piece, we love the choices from our Collectible brands (mentioned below).
  • If the gift is for someone who drinks tea on a daily basis, our teapots for one are a great choice. Or, choose a bone china tea pot that has matching accessories like cups and saucers, trays, creamer and sugar sets that can be added later. This way, you can add to the set with each birthday or at Christmas.

What are the most popular Collectible brands?

  • Some or our most popular collectible brands are made by Paul Cardew, Heirloom, James Sadler, Kaldun & Bogle, Lenox, and Fitz and Floyd.
  • Paul Cardew has produced Disney favorites such as Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Snow White, along with other delightful characters.
  • Fitz and Floyd specializes in unique motifs with an Modern flair. In addition to being considered a collectible, this brand adds beauty to your home decor.
  • James Sadler, made of bone china, depicts beautifully British scenes in exquisite detail. Kaldun & Bogle, a family owned company, produces high quality, glossy ceramics in exciting colors. Themes include animal characters, fruits, vegetables, and holiday themes.
  • Of course, any teapot can be considered a collectible and the themes are as varied as the people who buy them.

What size teapots are used for Tea Parties?

  • Teapots normally come in sizes from 1 cup to 8 cups. For a party of 20, we recommend four 6-cup teapots for serving guests.
  • For a children’s tea party of 10, we recommend 4 children sized tea pots.

Can I use my china in the microwave or on the stove?

  • Most fine china dinnerware can be used in the microwave unless they have a gold or platinum trim.
  • Glass teapots may also have metal handles which cannot be used in the microwave. Please refer to individual manufacturer directions before use.
  • Never place a bone china, ceramic, or porcelain teapot on the stove top.
  • Also, cast iron teapots have an enamel lining that will be damaged if used on the stove.

Can I mix and match patterns?

  • Traditionally, brides register for one china pattern.
  • Of course, true English style often includes mixing and matching of various patterns. This is when you are allowed to be creative with your tea scape.
  • Feel free to mix some old vintage finds with the new… Try to mix patterns that have a common theme of either color or pattern and most of all…have fun with it!

I am on a budget. Which products make nice gifts without costing too much?

  • Even though bone china is a higher end product, they come in various price ranges depending on the size.
  • A two or four cup is available for under $40 and beautiful patterns are available such as Lily of the Valley which is perfect for a wedding gift. Porcelain teapots are another option with prices ranging from $30-$50. Many are available in the same patterns as bone china, but less expensive and easier to care for.
  • Ceramic products are usually more whimsical in nature and are perfect as birthday or office gifts.

Are your childrens tea sets small enough for little girls to use?

  • Generally, there are 4 sizes of kids tea sets specifically made for small hands.
  • Sizes are scaled down so that the child can pick up, pour, and handle the teapot or tea cup.
  • Miniatures are generally for decoration or to be placed in a dollhouse.
  • Beginner’s tea sets are for ages 3 and under and come in a gift basket for easy carrying and storage. The teapots are usually 4 ounces and the cups are 1 ounce.
  • Tea Sets for Children are for older children and the teapot can range from 7 ounces to 10 ounces. The teacups are 1.5 ounces to 2 ounces and the plates are 4in diameter.
  • Larger collectable sets are made of fine porcelain from Germany and the teapot is approximately 5inches tall and holds about 14 ounces. Cups are 3 ounces and plates are 6″; in diameter.

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