Children’s Tea Parties

For generations girls have grown up participating in or having Tea Parties. They see their Moms and Grandmas with beautiful tea sets of Bone China and Porcelain  and aspire to have the same.  Usually, the tea sets they wish to play with are not exactly ‘play’ sets. So, a good idea will be to purchase something special for that little girl.

You could purchase a plastic tea set for her to use every day, but she will really feel special if she has a ‘real’ tea set to enjoy. You can easily even find a porcelain children’s tea set that matches your own.

The best accessory to her new tea set would be a new doll to include at her tea party. Choose one that is just as delicate as the China and can only be played with when you are having Tea Parties. Imagine the special feeling she will have when she gets to host her own Tea Party, at the same time you are having tea! Invite her friends and watch as their faces light up while they enjoy their own special tea (or apple juice) and snacks!

Don’t just show her, help her bring her imagination to life!