Why Not Give A Tea Set As A Gift?

There is an upcoming birthday… the person is a very dear friend… you’ve known each other for many years and your friendship knows no bounds… but boy, are they difficult to buy gifts for!

We all have at least one person like that in our lives, and every year we rack our brains trying to think of a unique gift for the person who either has it all, or doesn’t want anything! Well if that friend should happen to be a tea drinker, why not consider buying them a tea related gift?

And I don’t mean a cheap personalized mug with a wacky photo of you and your friend together, plastered all over it! Gifts like those are easy to come by and let’s face it, they often end up gathering dust in the back of a cupboard after a few months; the quality of the mug is often poor and true tea drinkers like to feel a high class porcelain when they sip!

Instead, you could think about purchasing a beautiful, high quality full tea set, a gift that your dear friend can cherish and either use on a daily basis, or place on display.

If a complete tea set isn’t quite what you had in mind, then why not purchase a pretty teacup and saucer that comes in an exquisite gift box, or a beautiful teapot with an original design?

To make your gift even more complete, you could buy a selection of teas to go with it, either loose leaf or bagged.

Even if your special friend isn’t a devout tea drinker, you just might turn them into one by buying them some ‘proper’ tea and giving them a luxury vessel to brew it in or drink it from.

Many of us have never experienced different flavored teas, and simply stick to the cheapest bags we can find in the supermarket. There are also many of us who have never brewed loose leafed tea in a teapot at the correct temperature, or who didn’t even know there was a correct temperature! Buying a person like that, a tea related gift, could open their taste buds to a whole new world, and if they enjoy experimenting with tea, well then it makes buying them a gift for their next few birthdays, a doddle!