Get Mom a Christmas Cookie Jar!

Children get excited and know that their favorite time of year is just around the corner when Mom gets out her collection of Christmas Cookie Jars. Children love to hear the stories that surround each jar. Like great grandma’s cookie jar with the beautiful green holly and red berries painted onto it with 24 karat gold trim. That one always goes up high so that the little children can not reach it.

Then there are all of the Christmas cookie jars that family and friends have bought for Mom over the years. Everyone knows that Mom collects them so she always gets at least one every year. Mom usually places her most prized cookie jars on the mantel above the fireplace and the rest of them go on various shelves around the house. There is always a cookie jar close to the front door, filled with fresh baked cookies for guests.

Mom usually puts one of her jars from last year on the kitchen table with cookies for the children. She will let the children pick which jar they like but they have to agree on the jar without fighting or Santa might not come to see them. They had two to choose from this year. One was Mrs. Claus mixing up a batch of cookies for Santa.

The other was Santa sitting and holding a bag of presents between his legs. You have to lift the presents to open the jar.It was a hard choice for the children but they finally decided on Mrs. Claus, because that jar was bigger and would hold more cookies for them.

Dad took them shopping to buy Mom’s Christmas present. Of course they wanted to buy her a cookie jar. There were so many too choose from it was hard to decide. There are so many different sizes, shapes and colors. It made it harder to decide because they knew that Mom would love them all.

One jar was of a brightly colored snowman wearing a holly printed scarf. Another was Santa standing on top of a bunch of peppermint sticks wearing a yellow vest with black spots and holding a bag of presents that matched the vest. Then there was the poodle cookie jar. It was a white poodle wearing candy cane striped stockings and high heels. It had lipstick and blush on and was holding a bone and a cookie.

The children couldn’t decide which one they liked best, so Dad finally said we’ll just get her all three. So Mom has at least three more Christmas cookie jars to find a place for next year.