Teapot Cozies – Pretty, Traditional and Functional

Teapot Cozy

The only thing better than sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea is sitting down with a second cup of tea, unless of course, this second cup of tea is cold. Of course, the tea could be reheated, but wouldn’t it be nice if that second cup was just as warm as the first and didn’t require extra effort?

There is a clever solution to this dilemma. Teapot cozies are a fun, decorative, and most importantly, functional addition to any tea lover’s collection. Think of it as a sweater for your teapot. Just as a sweater keeps one warm, the teapot cozy’s job is to keep tea warm. It insulates the teapot. Teapot cozies predate the invention of vacuum bottles as a means of keeping liquids warm. They keep tea warm for hours. In one experiment, the temperature of tea inside a teapot without a cozy was taken at 190 degrees. When the temperature was taken two hours later, the tea was a much cooler 100 degrees! At 190 degrees with a teapot cozy, the temperature two hours later was 140 degrees. What a difference this simple little cover can make!

They are very simple to use. First set the teapot on the open cozy. Then wrap the cozy up and around the pot. There are special openings for the pot’s handle and spout. Pull the ribbons on the cozy to draw the top closer together, making a snug “flower” shape around the lid. That’s it. That’s all there is to it! You’ll enjoy hot tea for hours! The bottom piece of material ensures better heat retention. Ribbon is at the top and bottom of the cozy to adjust to any shape and size of teapot. You can even leave the cozy on the pot while pouring. And, since accidents do happen, the cozies are machine washable and hold their shape after washing.

They are made out of the highest quality cotton quilting material. They are hand-crafted and hand-sewn in the USA.

Teapot cozies come in a variety of color schemes and patterns. They are visually pleasing and can be made to match other kitchen accessories, such as dish towels and aprons. If you have a treasured teapot that just doesn’t quite “fit in” to your décor, a teapot cozy can easily tie your teapot in to your décor. And if you like to switch it up, a new cozy can do just the trick. Just throw a new cozy on your existing teapot and it has a whole new look. They are a must-have for tea lovers!