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Recipes for Scones

Scones originated in medieval Great Britain and were baked on cast-iron skillets. Although a product of the United Kingdom, the word “scone” derived from the German word, “schonbrot,” meaning “beautiful bread.” Language experts also suggest the “scone” may have come from the Gaelic word, “sgonn,” which translates into “large mouthful.” Oats and barley were the […]

Tea Time Tips – Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea can be enjoyed in your parlor, garden, or even a park or beach. No matter the setting, it is a refined gathering and careful thought and consideration should be put into the menu. The proper tea to serve for Afternoon Tea depends on your personal preference of flavor, aroma, and body and your […]

Valentines Day and Valentines Day Gifts

History of Valentines Day Musings on the History of Valentines Day There are several theories on the origination of Valentines Day and the date it is celebrated. One theory is the legend of Saint Valentine or Valentinus. The Roman Emperor Claudius II was emperor in 3rd century Rome. In an effort to enlist more soldiers into […]

What to Serve With Afternoon Tea

Reed & Barton Tiered Server

One of the most delightful times in a person’s life is to invite friends for an afternoon tea. This was especially fashionable in Europe during in the Victorian and Edwardian ages and in the U.S. during the Gilded Age. Today it is very popular, both for special events as well as for people who like […]